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"I have served my country with pride and honor. I am ready to serve again. We need to make job growth, education, energy, and the PFD our top priorities."


Job Growth

Alaska has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. At 7.3% unemployment, Alaska is almost 2% higher than the next highest, West Virginia, at 5.4%. This is unacceptable and must change. I would propose streamlining or outright eliminating legislation that hinders small business growth, and put forth legislation that would spur job creation where we need it most, in small businesses and the renewable energy sector. The more small businesses we have employing more people, the better we can defend against potential economic hits; like global oil price-drops, corporate layoffs, or large corporations just packing up and leaving town. Also, the federal government did Alaska no favors by giving bigger tax breaks to large corporations instead of to small businesses or individual citizens. Tax breaks should benefit them before large corporations.


​My mother, Gertrude, was an educator in Pontotoc, Mississippi for 37 years. Like her, I believe in educational quality and proper funding.

Teachers are the backbone of our educational system, and the primary touchpoint in our children's academic lives. They affect the quality of our children's education more than anything. We must therefore restructure our educational funding to reflect this.

Energy & Resource Development

We must lead the nation in the development of environmentally responsible energy technologies, efficient use of Alaska’s conventional and renewable energy resources, and enhanced energy efficiency and conservation. Alaskans deserve access to affordable, sustainable energy.

It is my believe that all Alaska energy and resource development should be conducted with a "do no harm" mentality.

Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD)

We must have a comprehensive, long-term fiscal plan that provides for essential government services and infrastructure, includes community revenue sharing, and protects the Alaska Permanent Fund and its dividends. Alaska should be able to operate on a continuing basis without impairing the PFD, State Reserve Funds, or Permanent Fund principal, and without imposing austerity measures due to funding shortfalls.

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